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At DDMCiii, our mission centers on research and innovation, underscored by our commitment to multiple medical professionals and a steadfast dedication to scientific advancement. This commitment positions our brand as a pioneering leader in advanced integrated skincare solutions.

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Our formulas are rigorously tested, and distributed to over 20 dermatologists to be reviewed to ensure you are getting the highest quality product possible.

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Performance-Driven Formulas

We don't worry about the marketing of trending ingredients, but rather focus on ingredients that work. With a formulary of over 5,000 ingredients, we hand pick the right potency to ensure our products have the highest efficacy.

"As a dermatologist, I trust DDMCiii Labs for their clinically-backed skincare solutions. Their commitment to quality and innovation consistently delivers effective, visible results. DDMCiii Labs sets the standard in advanced skincare, helping my patients achieve their best skin health."

— Dr. Samantha Lee, Board-Certified Dermatologist

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    Hand-picked ingredients from our formulary of over 5,000 ingredients.

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    Scientifically formulated to proactively prevent future damage, safeguard existing skin health, and effectively address past imperfections.

  • two certifies dermatologists

    Clinically-backed with over 24 tests run before being deemed safe and effective for consumer use.

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